Migration and linguistics within a digital humanities framework (Niteroi, 2017/9/25-28)

Thomas Krefeld


1. Sitzung (25.09.2017)
From Isogloss to Glossotope: Towards a Virtual Research Environment for Multilingualism

2. Sitzung (26.09.2017)
Speaker, Speech, Language
Variational Linguistics and Linguistics of Varieties
Variation, Variants – Variety
3. Sitzung (27.09.2017)
Multi-dimensionality of Marking
Two epistemological horizons
Complementary series of data from linguistic production and perception
4. Sitzung (28.09.2017)
Inconspicuousness and construction of social identity
Two perspectives: Auto- and Heteroperception
Elementary constituents of the communicative space: Glossotopes
To sum it up: 6 principles
Students' contributions
Allgemeine Beiträge zur Veranstaltung:
Bibliography (Niteroi)
Students' task

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