Exemplum Learner Corpus


Culture is all the spiritual und intelectuall achievement
from a particular society in a particular area. And this  distinguish us from animals. The culture was
made by humans for humans. All countrys, regions and areas have own culture.
They are proud to the own culture and they care for it. It’s can be conscious,
like wear the traditionell costume or special ritual and unconscious, like
food, than the people prepear every day or the language, that the speak also
every day.

I think, I’m not very good representative of my own culture.
I don’t cook ukraine food, I don’t look after traditionell holidays and I speak
very rare my native language.

I identify me international. I have the german boyfriend, I
have a lot of international friends, I cook very mediterran and I know more about
the history of Europa that the history of Ukraine. 

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